Volunteers – help raise the profile of Parkinson’s with GPs

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) in partnership with Parkinson’s Victoria are seeking volunteers to participate in clinical examinations for overseas trained General Practitioners (GPs) who are becoming registered in Australia.

The AMC would like 6-8 people living with Parkinson’s for whom one of the main symptoms is tremor. The aim is for the candidates to conduct a brief 10 minute examination, which may include examining upper limbs, a short walk and testing reflexes as well as taking a brief verbal history. The candidate will then need to identify what tests would be performed, which referrals should be made and identify a tentative diagnosis. In a morning or an afternoon you may be examined 6-8 times with some breaks.

The exams take place in the AMC office in the Melbourne CBD: the AMC will provide taxi vouchers and also supply lunch, morning and afternoon tea. The commitment is over 12-18 months and you may be asked to attend every 3-4 months for half a day. The AMC will expect you to sign a confidentiality agreement and the examinations will be filmed with the footage only for use within the AMC.

This program will start in early September with an initial introductory visit to the AMC offices. If you are interested or would like more information please let Victor McConvey know via email victor.mcconvey@parkinsons-vic.org.au or phone 1800 644 189.