Personal Stories

The following are personal stories from some of our Y@P members

Karyn starts up Y@P, travels and makes the most of life with Parkinson’s.

Sharon stops wishing her diagnosis away and starts living again.

Andrewgetting over the shock of diagnosis, Andrew realized he could help others.

Mina wittingly compares her life with Parkinson’s to a vacuum cleaner.

John seeks alernative ways to live with parkinson’s.

Moira turns to exercise to cope with Parkinson’s.

Tom makes life adjustments after being diagnosed with a young family.

Lyn finds that Parkinson’s is not her major health issue.

Keaton finds acceptance and support 12 months after diagnosis.

Peta finds strength in her family.

Marc Parky friend or enemy? An Aussie bloke’s Journey from Diagnosis to DBS and the present.

Rob imagines his young family as an elephant, and Parkinson’s disrupts this majestic beast.

Annette had a rough time for a while, but now enjoys living in the moment.

Lauren is waiting for reality, but is not ready to hang up her cape and retire from being superwoman!

Ric decides that life is bigger than him and that he is greater than the sum of any and all of his afflictions.

Ester reflects on her journey before and after diagnosis. While waiting for the ‘wretched’ DBS she keeps busy raising funds for Parkinson’s.

If you are a young person living with Parkinson’s and would like to share your story for others to relate to, be comforted by or seek inspiration from, please send an email to

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