About Y@P

Young At Park (Y@P) is a social group especially for people living with Young Onset Parkinson’s and their partners. The group strives to provide a welcoming, friendly and relaxed environment for people to meet others, share information and provide support to each other.

In a world where there is still the misconception that Parkinson’s is only an older person’s condition, Y@P breaks stereotypes and is a testament that younger people living with Parkinson’s are still very active in the community – working, travelling, raising kids and getting on with their preferred lifestyle despite the challenges that Parkinson’s presents.

Y@P started in Melbourne in 2005 and has traditionally provided face-to-face get-togethers over a meal at various restaurants and pubs. It has since grown and a group now also meet monthly in Geelong. This website was launched in 2011, and underwent a redevelopment in 2013. It aims to improve the connectedness between members by providing a message board, and connections to social media; as well as the latest information about Y@P events and other news items which are particularly relevant to younger people living with Parkinson’s.

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